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  • Upperbody Band Warm Up

    This is the typical upper body warm up we use at the gym with the band. We just try to hit every muscle group and movement we can paying special attention to…

  • Band Press with Kettlebell Hold

    A great shoulder finishing exercises. Lock one arm out overhead for strength/stability and press the band with the other.

  • Farmer Walk Medley

    We did a modified version of www.t-nation.com Farmer Walk Medley. One min. each of: Tire Walk Keg Bear Hug Walk (70lbs.) Keg Overhead Walk (70lbs.) 135 lbs.Cambered Bar Zercher Walk 80lbs. D.Bell…

  • Squat Video with the Diesel Crew

    I just got back from the Fitness Business Summit 2009 and one of the no conference highlights for me was to be able to hang out with Smitty and Jedd of the…


    The 103lb Push up Challenge

    Finishing the day’s workout with a 103 lb push up challenge. Two 20lb chains, Four 7lb chains and a 35lb plate. Five reps each all the way down to body weight for a total of 40 reps.

  • Synergy Strength Seminar Video Review

    Here is the video review of the Synergy Strength Seminar on February 21st, 2009 in Southern California. Enjoy!

  • My First Semi Truck Pull

    Last weekend I went to a strength seminar at Strong 101 in Riverside California. When we were there I got to try a little strongman training and pull a 23,000lb truck. Check…