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Get the Most out of the Rows

The row seems like a fairly straight forward exercise however there are a few simple techniques that can…

How Much “Flare’ Should you Have in the Military Press

In this video I go over a question I received on how much shoulder external rotation one should…

Core Exercises Using Bands

Need some great core exercises and don’t want to get on the floor to do crunches, sit ups…

5 Single Leg Exercises Using Kettlebells

      Single leg exercises are essential for superiors leg strength, mobility, balance and sports performance .…

Kettlebell Get Up Mistake

The most common mistake I see with trainees performing the Kettlebell Turkish Get Up is not utilizing the…

Silicon Valley Kettlebell Workshop Hi-Lights 2017

In this video Mike Salemi of Kettlebell Lifestyle and I went over some detailed points on how to…

Kettlebell Squat Variations

Below is a video of my favorite kettlebell squat variations you can do to build leg strength and…

Arm Care for Baseball : Band Exercises

After a local workshop I did on arm exercises and care for little league youth baseball I had…

4 Kettlebell Squats for Powerful Legs

The Kettlebell squat is an incredible exercise with an endless number of variations you can do to build…

5 Pull-up Variations Every Beginner Should Master

  Doing more pull-ups is a goal everyone should strive for.  In my guest post for Awake and…

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